Reality is the only thing that is real

I was quited excited after watching the movie “Ready Player One” so I thought this would make a good “Hello World” post.

This, I am talking about the title, was the most hitting line of the movie “Ready Player One” for me. In the beginning I didn’t think I would like this movie this much but then I just saw myself in it.

To explain the movie in a nutshell, in the year 2045, a virtual universe called the Oasis becomes the place where most of the humanity feels more alive including our character Wade Watts a.k.a Parzival in the Oasis. Because there is no limit to what you can do in the Oasis. Then one day, the death of the creature of this universe, who is known as Halliday Watson, is announced by himself in a video also mentioning that he has hidden 3 keys in the Oasis all of them together leading the holder to an Easter Egg which is the prize and also giving full control of the Oasis. Parzival and his mates pursue the three keys to reach the egg and to save the Oasis.

About why I think I saw myself in the movie and why I said the title was the most hitting line in the movie: is because I used to play online games, actually just a game that was consuming my hours every day for years ending up in reality when you log off. But that game was also the one that I felt myself more alive in just like in the movie, and the one that I had many good memories and friends in, and also the one that inspired me to learn English. So that, I never see those consumed hours as a waste but as an experience.

I guess nothing else could’ve been a better “Hello World!” post than this. Lastly, I haven’t read the book yet but I will start reading as soon as possible.

First to the Key!

First to the Egg!