Meet the Fockers.

Hey! I am Burak Kaymakci.

No, André Yuhai is not my real name. I’ve been using andreyuhai handle, and André Yuhai name, everywhere for years now. So it got stuck with me. I am trying to use my real name from now on as much as possible as this started to confuse people IRL.

Anyways, a bit about myself.

My first attempt at programming was probably around 2013-2014. Back then I was studying biomedical engineering and I had a C# class. That was the only class I was studying for because programming was really interesting for me, not the biomedical engineering itself which I’ve dropped out of eventually in 2017 starting a computer engineering degree.

Using C# I’d created a simple desktop application which did exactly what connectify does, namely turns your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can connect to it with your phone. I’d created the Wi-Fi hotspot desktop application simply because we only had Ethernet cable in our dormitory to connect to the Internet and IIRC connectify was only working for 30 minutes and then you had to restart it or pay for it. Other than that I’d also created a small blog where I was sharing the stuff I’d learnt about C# also helping my classmates through the blog because the posts would usually be related to homeworks.

After starting my computer engineering degree in 2017 I’ve had the chance to get my hands dirty with different programming languages for different purposes. The programming languages I’ve been using the most are Java, and Ruby. I’ve done some freelancing creating desktop apps in Java or writing scrapers in Ruby.

Now I am working at Fresha as a backend engineer using mostly Elixir and Ruby and doing my master’s degree at the same time.

Other than programming languages, I am interested in inline skating, photography, video games (of course), board games and foreign languages. In fact, during my biomedical engineering degree I’ve learnt Spanish, translated subtitles of one Argentinian movie called “El Clan” into Turkish. Later on I’d started learning Russian as well, but since it’s more difficult than Spanish, after studying it for around a year I have stopped studying because I had to focus on my degree. Nowadays, I’m learning Polish as I’ve been living in Poland for a few years already. It’s relatively easier to learn other languages once you know one or two languages other than your native language. Similar to programming languages I’d say.

I am also interested in machine learning and data science. I’ve actually had a few classes related to ML, AI and data science during my master’s degree but I don’t feel confident enough. Hence I am trying to learn more in my free time and eventually get some hands on experience.

You can contact me either on Twitter or LinkedIn.